Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Love you forever stamp needlepoint canvas - hand painted

New design. Available in my shop this week. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Glab - the good luck acorn blob

This is Glab. He's the Good Luck Acorn Blob. Acorns are a good luck symbol all over the world. He didn't start out as an acorn. He was a blob with an acorn hat.
Using positivity he attracted what he wanted into his life and now he radiates happiness. Anyone that sees him will have a great day, and a cornucopia of good things will come into their lives.

The needlepoint canvas is available in my shop. Here is the link. 

Round Needlepoint Ornament - Typewriter hand-painted canvas

New canvas in the shop!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Dachshund Needlepoint Canvas and Kits - Hand Painted July 4th and Hearts!

Just designed these cute Dachshund canvases on 13 count mesh. They are available in my online store in canvas only or kit with silk thread. 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Blue Antique Victorian Oxford Stove Needlepoint - Hand painted canvas

Designed this needlepoint canvas in honor of the antique stove that I painted blue and put into my dollhouse condo. It's hand painted on 18 ct. canvas and will be available in the summer of 2020 in my online store here.

Abert's Squirrel of New Mexico Needlepoint Canvas - Hand Painted

Abert's squirrels! They have crazy long ears! We saw our first one after moving to New Mexico a few months ago. So, I commemorated it by designing a needlepoint ornament. This canvas is 18 ct. and will be for sale in my online store soon! Maybe not until summer of 2020 though. :) Email me if you need this one sooner.

80's Preppy Bermuda Bag Needlepoint Hand Painted Canvas - Alligators and whales

So cute! I'm in love with these Bermuda Bag ornaments. Note my Bermuda Bag obsession in my post from 2014. I designed them on 18 ct canvas and they are ready for purchase in my online store! I love these little alligators and whales so much. 

I plan on have a number of colors and patterns!

Easter Peep Needlepoint - Hand Painted Canvas

Just designed a Peep! Love this little guy, surrounded by easter egg-looking polka dots. He isavailable in my online store on 14 ct. canvas.

Chocolate Bunny Rabbit with a bow Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

I designed a chocolate bunny for needlepoint! He had a few iterations, but I think he's at a really good place now. I'm offering a canvas or kit with a solid background or this Zigzag jacquard background. The kit has gorgeous silk thread. Available now in my online store!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Brush lettering with Pilot Custom 912 Falcon Nib

Doing some "calligraphy" style lettering lately. I'm using the Pilot Custom 912 Fountain Pen with the FA Falcon Nib on Tomoe River paper. The ink I wrote in is Iroshizuku Murakami Shikibu, a wet ink that is just divine. The outer drawing is Tombow Brush Pens, Watercolor pencils and the fantastic Platinum Carbon Ink pen with the Extra Fine nib.

The guys at Nibs.com set and optimized the Pilot Custom 912 at purchase for no extra charge. Love them. Wrote them a little thank you note below.

The Platinum Carbon Ink pen is, for the money, the best art purchase. The ink is waterproof and can draw on watercolor and not smear. What a great thing!!

To the Nibs.com guys in Los Angeles: