Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Miniature shabby chic roombox

Rosemary, the sweet, sweet lady I work with asked me to do a roombox for her granddaughter's graduation. She bought some of the items and the rest I made or purchased. It's done in one of those shadowboxes from Michael's that looks like a book that opens up.

I will be putting a diploma on the right wall under the picture.

I made the memory board with balsa wood, batting, fabric and ribbon. The bottom right picture is of her and her sisters.

The "Love" letters were in a $3 grab bag at the thrift store. They were silver plastic. I made the cupcakes. The cute bag and matching box are a kit from Syreeta's Miniatures.
 That's a graduation cap in the right corner and the box next to it is a printie from cdhm.
The luggage is a purchase from the Tom Bishop show. I wish I remembered the name of the lady. Also got the shoes, guitar and shoe box kit at the show.