Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Ruth & Ralphy

I've just created these little characters! I used Procreate on an ipad. I'm usually a PC person, but my mom passed away and left me her ipad so it's just another gift from her - a way to get back into art a little more (I've spent a lot of time with other crafts, like knitting). So, I named the little girl character Ruth (after my grandmother) and the dog is actually a rendering of my mom's dog, Ralphy (yes, my mom left me an ipad and a dog. I guess that's better than money in the long run). 

I think I'll write a book with these two characters. They inspire a lot of ideas for me. I see them in a pastoral setting, exchanging ideas about the evolution of our perception and how we can become aware of the limiting beliefs that control our daily interactions.