Monday, June 21, 2010

Miniature Vignette: $5 Cup of Coffee

The annual project for North Shore Minis was a dome this year. I decided to see if I could do a vignette and spend less than $5. The table is made of an old wrought iron candle base with a cd on top with tongue depressors glued to it. The chairs are made of polymer clay and business cards. The pitcher is paper (marlie's tutorial) and the hydrangeas were made with Lolly's mini group. The only items I purchased were the cups and saucers (as part of an inexpensive set) and the flatware (the $3 plastic ones that I painted with gold leaf). So, I succeeded. Let me know if you'd like the chair tutorial. I took pics as I went so I could put something together.
Also, feel free to look at more of the projects on the gallery page at North Shore Mini's site (do the click here for more and there are a ton of pics).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brookhaven dollhouse interior: Mini progress being made

Things are moving toward presentable.
Some furniture is just holding the place for it's future, better self.

This is the first I've shown of the kitchen. Got the tile from Tiny Tique at the show. It took forever to strategize the placement. Most of the furniture came with house. I got the cabinets at left from a sweet lady from the town where I grew up (Winston-Salem, NC) - just randomly met her at one of the shows. I'm figuring how to integrate things.
Good things are happening in the bathroom (isn't that what you always want to hear?) Much more to be done. There will be a dressing area in the front part. Check over on the right under "Mini tutorials" to get the how-to on the No-Sew tinfoil curtains. Chandelier from Lolly's.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stylish Miniature living room: Classin' up the joint

Put some paintings into the "picture window" moldings. Both are by Watteau. On the left is Champs-Élysées and on the right is The Bird Nester.

The pitcher on the mantle is from Marlies' tutorial and the center piece is a family heirloom called the Horse of Ur. My dad was a psychiatrist and would sometimes barter for payment instead of turning someone away who couldn't afford therapy. In one instance he accepted this bronze item (supposedly from an archaeological dig at Ur) in lieu of money.

The rug under the piano is just a placeholder and is coming up at the side and I glued the piano leg on crooked - oops.