Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brookhaven dollhouse interior: Mini progress being made

Things are moving toward presentable.
Some furniture is just holding the place for it's future, better self.

This is the first I've shown of the kitchen. Got the tile from Tiny Tique at the show. It took forever to strategize the placement. Most of the furniture came with house. I got the cabinets at left from a sweet lady from the town where I grew up (Winston-Salem, NC) - just randomly met her at one of the shows. I'm figuring how to integrate things.
Good things are happening in the bathroom (isn't that what you always want to hear?) Much more to be done. There will be a dressing area in the front part. Check over on the right under "Mini tutorials" to get the how-to on the No-Sew tinfoil curtains. Chandelier from Lolly's.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenya,

Ran across your note from Lolly's. Your dollhouse is looking really nice. Can't wait until I have enough energy to work on mine!

Sue Dunn

TINK-SONIA said...

Hi Jenya,so beautiful dollhouse,I love your minis,miniregards from Spain.