Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miniature binder clip handbags: yay for quickie mini purses!

OMG! These handbags take, like, 10 minutes each. They are so easy and quick and all you have to have is a few binder clips (stolen from the office, of course) and some fabric and tiny rope. Someone named Martin Løkke created it and had it published in Mini 1 til 12 online mag. Go to page 7 of the latest issue (issue 9) to see the tutorial. Martin - you're a mini genius!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Piper reads to the bears: Petite Blythe dollhouse adventures

Piper was just reaching for the Velveteen Rabbit, planning to sit down for a good read and one of the bears came up to the nursery with Mr. Poops. He wanted to know if Piper would read to the bears.
"All of you?"
"All of us."
Well, we better do it in the living room then and we'll need to bring in some extra furniture.

So the bears moved some extra seating downstairs.
"Wow. I didn't know there were so many of you." Piper was surprised as the number of bears and also amused that their muzzle color made it look like they'd gotten into some cake frosting.
"So, I'm going to read you The Velveteen Rabbit."
The bears were very excited.
"What's this?" The little bear that always plays the piano was still going to town. "Ahem! Trying to read over here."
"Oh, no! I didn't even hear you come in! Once I get going with Rachmaninoff my mind and soul take flight. May I join you to listen to the story?"
"Of course!"

Piper started to read and she read and read into the night.
The bears listened, enraptured at how the stuffed bunny became real because a little boy loved him. They all went to bed that night with sweet, sweet dreams.