Sunday, February 27, 2011

New mini bathroom cabinet, pillows, etc.

Made a bathroom shelving unit with towels, washcloths, perfumes, bath salts, etc. The perfume bottle is one of those rubber closet feet from Home Depot painted pink with a bead on top and a label. The balls across the top are a gold string of beads spray painted.
Just acquired the little figurine of a girl posting a letter from Lolly's. Love it! Made the paper flowers and painted, glossed a wooden bowl for them.
New pillow shams and matching throw pillow. I bought some more lace from Tiny Tique and used it on the duvet and pillows - much improved bed linens.
Also rearranged the bedroom to make room for the table I built from candle holder, tongue depressors and a cd. The chairs are from polymer clay and business cards. If there's interest I will post the tutorial. Made the pitcher from Marlie's tute and the hydrangeas in Lolly's group.