Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stylish Miniature living room: Classin' up the joint

Put some paintings into the "picture window" moldings. Both are by Watteau. On the left is Champs-Élysées and on the right is The Bird Nester.

The pitcher on the mantle is from Marlies' tutorial and the center piece is a family heirloom called the Horse of Ur. My dad was a psychiatrist and would sometimes barter for payment instead of turning someone away who couldn't afford therapy. In one instance he accepted this bronze item (supposedly from an archaeological dig at Ur) in lieu of money.

The rug under the piano is just a placeholder and is coming up at the side and I glued the piano leg on crooked - oops.


Ruth said...

I love this room! Definitely classy. The colors are to die for!

Leigh said...

Your work is incredible. I just happened onto your blog and it feels like I'm looking through Architectural Digest. So real!!