Monday, January 29, 2007

Fast, Easy Felted Hat

Pattern: - without the novelty yarn. Cast on a few extra stitches and decreased them evenly for bigger brim.
Yarn: Knit Picks Sierra in Pool
Needles: size 10 round and dpns

This hat was , once again, a joy to make. I made it for my sister, Candice, for her birthday. This time I was more vigilant during the felting; looking at it in 2 minute intervals. So there was no crazy stretching to do when it came out, just a little shaping. I think the bow was a cute addition - its blowing in the wind - how wintery of it!


Anonymous said...

Bloody, bloody... bloody good. Been knitting up a storm here in Lankershire. Wonderful. Just bloody wonderful knitting weather here in the East countryside. Long rainy days. Brilliant climate for a knit-fest. Forget people. Forget animals. Forget nature. I'm perfectly content to sit in my wicker lounge-chair and knotty-knit until the sun goes down. Splendid. Just bloody splendid.
- Kendra Bankside Yorkshire, age 37, Lankershire, England

Amy said...

Very lucky sister you have, that hat is beautiful, love the ribbon. Also love your fingerless mittens so fun, finally got a chance to visit here and check them out.

Natasha said...

Keep up the good work.