Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brookhaven: a refined dollhouse overrun by wild bears

Been working so hard painting furniture and cutting stair railings I didn't notice some bears had moved in on the place. Have no idea how I'll ever get them to leave. Great part is they're not that picky and don't care that the place isn't "done."
One of the little ones plays the piano and the others like to lounge around and listen. At least the room has light now...and a sofa.
Did a divider in bathroom so that the front section can be a dressing room. Armoire to come.
Kitchen now has light and a copper oven hood I made from cardboard and copper sheeting.


rosieposiec said...

I guess if you house is overrun by bears at least they are clean and musically inclined. It could be so much worse!!! By the way, the fingerless gloves with the cable knit are soooo cute! I am still in love with my blue lace up fingerless gloves.

Ann said...

The bears are adorable. I love how you did your piano room and your bathroom floors! Yes, I'm one of those weird floor people. Also, great Idea on the copper hood. I'm going to have to find a use for something like that..