Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Piper, the Petite Blythe, arrives at Brookhaven

Piper arrived today from Hong Kong! She spent a while checking out the house and I think she's excited to live here.
"Oooh. Shiny."
"Am I allowed in the attic?"
She's anxious to get started reading The Velveteen Rabbit.
She also expressed interest in writing and doing some sketching.
"This house is perfect for me!"
It was a big day.


rosieposiec said...

I struggle to find the words. Adorable, amazing, creative and beautiful just dont seem to be enough!! I had such a fun time reading that post. Piper is going to have SUCH a good time!!!! I too would like to get moved in and begin reading the velveteen rabbit and start sketching.

Alienora said...

Hi:))) Nice to see your Petite Blythe in such a lovely dollhouse:))) I have dollhouse and anohter mini doll - Mini Pullip, but I think, I must prepare for her another dollhouse. I watch your blog with really great pleasure:)))
Hugs from Poland!