Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you gift for my followers: miniature book printies

I'm up to 50 followers! Thanks everyone! Here is a link to a pdf of some book covers that I gathered/photographed. They are the ones I used to make a bunch of the books in my dollhouse. They are 1/12, but I have them in half scale if you'd like. I also have them in word if you'd like to edit for yourself and I have more if you like these. Just drop me a line and I can email them to you. :)


Pan said...

Oooh the printables are lovely. Thanks Jenya :-)

Norma said...

Thanks Jenya, I love to make mini books so I'll use these for sure :)

BTW I didn't know that mini Blythe dolls existed until I saw them here. I'm a real fan of Julien Martinez although he definately walks the dark side of Blythe, unlike your cuties. I totally adore his dollhouse you can find here - definately something a little "different"