Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miniature shabby chic kitchen

So, here it is! The kitchen I've been trying to work out for a while. I put the stove together from a Chrysnbon kit and gave it a few coats of blue acrylic and a shine. Ever since then it's been needing a kitchen to live in. I'm hoping to take some lighter pics soon! I can't seem to light it quite right for photos yet.
 I built the shelf from popsicle sticks, tongue depressors and wooden coffee stirrers. Here's a close-up:
I was inspired by the tutorial by Susi from Mini Eden and I only made a few changes. I bought the stickers at the scrapbooking store. They are stacked. I painted over them in cream and wrote Belle Maison in brown marker.
I tried some of Liberty Biberty's enamelware tutorial. Turns out I can't rust the for the life of me! I'll try again later. I punched out the round labels from scrapbooking paper and wrote the names on them.

                                    At sunset.

The floor is wooden coffee stirrers with Special Walnut stain. The chairs are cheapo plastic painted in Folkart acrylic 903 Tapioca.

I got this wooden dresser thing free with my dollhouse; knocked out/sanded out the arched bits on each shelf and painted and decoupaged it and made little "curtains". The writing on the surface says "Love of my heart".

This adorable teapot was made by Fizzyclaret as noted in my etsy blogpost a few weeks ago. I made the cupcakes and cakes.


Rosamargarita said...

Encantadora cocina! Preciosa
Un abrazo

Lataina said...

Jenya, I love it! I think the stove is fantastic and the decoupage on the cupboard turned out beautifully!!! All together it's just beautiful!!! I didn't like the "rusting" on some of the first pitchers I made either, but I think after a couple of try's you get the hang of it. I look up images on google to get a better idea of what things should look like. It usually helps me in picking out colors. =D

Norma said...

Don't give up on the rusting! This kitchen is really cute, the chairs certainly don't look like cheap plastic, that colour is so pretty.

Susi said...

Preciosa cocina¡¡¡
Es tan dulce, me encanta, gracias por poner el enlace de la estanteria, te ha quedado preciosa¡¡¡
Estoy de acuerdo con las compañeras, no debes renunciar a la oxidacion, fijandose en fotos y recuerda que debes poner poco e ir añadiendo poco a poco, por favor intentalo,estaras feliz contigo misma, si necesitas ayuda estare feliz de ayudarte
Un beso

Beverly said...

This is simply amazing work! I really love how you pulled everything together to come up with this soft, feminine kitchen. The lovely blue stove is a great contrast and perfectly sets it all off.

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm totally in love with this kitchen! The stove looks amazing. So gorgeous!! The little table set for tea is perfect. I love it all!! This is a beauty.

Eliana said...

The kitchen is a dream! You're a great decorator! Even having used cheap seats, as you said, the finish is beautiful! Great work!

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Jenya! What a great job! It's totally adorable, and I can't wait to try some of this at home!!!

Chris Verstraete said...

Oooh Love painting that stove. I have one and that is a great idea!

Mandy Judge said...

Love everything about your kitchen, I especially like your teapot on the table. Great job. Mandy