Friday, November 22, 2013

Got 2 New Petite Bythes from Hong Kong!

So excited! Petite Blythes are usually so expensive, but I did find an Ebay seller in Hong Kong that is selling "gently used" ones without clothing. Piper has enough cute clothes to share so I decided to get 2. The one above is called Marmalade. She's supposed to have pants on with that top (it's not just a crazy short dress), but I'll post some more with her fully clothed.

This one is originally called "Kitchen Queen", but I've decided to name her Bernadette, after the girl on The Big Bang Theory. I believe if she spoke she would sound like Bernadette. More pics to come!


Hannah said...

Bernadette is a great name for her =) I love both Big Bang Theory and Blythe dolls =) Nice to hear you got hold of some that weren't really expensive. I haven't manage to get hold of any Blythes, yet =)

Plushpussycat said...

Your new Blythe dolls are darling, as is that shabby chic Christmas tree in the background. :-) Too cute! xo Jennifer