Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Bermuda Bag Obsession

Got this reversible bermuda bag cover made by Joanna at All About You Design. She's fab - so fun to talk to. She's been sewing covers with her mother's pattern since the 70's. Glad to see Bermuda Bags are alive and well - mostly in the south, I guess. Since I never see any around the Chicago area.
The whale fabric is actually a pinwale/baby corduroy. So cute.

So, this is my attempt at a reversible cover with piping. I got the pattern on ebay. It was not really beginner-friendly and I had to figure most of the issues out as I went along. Better than not having the pattern though. Below is the fabric I did on the other side (before button holes). Not perfect, but ok for a first attempt. I think my future ones will not be reversible. So hard to do the piping to look good on both sides!
This fabric didn't photograph well, but it's a buttercup color, it's an Amy Butler. Love.

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