Saturday, April 18, 2015

Calligraphy! Using a flexible nib to create word art. So fun.

I began learning calligraphy 3 weeks ago and am entertaining myself to no end with it! How fun! 

I took this $19 online course at and started with the speedball oblique nib holder ($2) and some other random supplies. It was going okay, but I felt with better supplies it would be more fun. It is! 

After doing some research, including this wonderful blog by Lindsey Bugbee , I have now purchased an adjustable oblique nib holder from Ashley Bush on Etsy, a Zebra G Nib, Nikko G Nib and Black Kuretake Sumi ink from Paper Ink Arts, and a Maruman Mnemosyne paper pad from JetPens. 

Now my writing is buttery smooth with this glossy Sumi ink and perfectly angled nib holder with flexible nibs that are not too flexible (I'm talking to you, Brause Rose Nib!). In my experience if the nib is too flexible it doesn't hold ink well. With the Nikko and Zebra that I got the ink lasts a whole line long. Very relaxing. 

So, I highly recommend calligraphy for when you want to be creative, but drawing a picture that actually looks like what you're trying to draw seems too stressful. With word art you are just making pretty words and putting them together in creative ways. This has been a major stress reliever for me during tax season, the busiest time for my business.

Oh, and I made the white lettering with this Uni-ball pen - a dream to use.

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