Monday, August 10, 2015

Made my first Eyedropper Pen from a Platinum Preppy!

I converted the Preppy (which takes cartridges) into an eyedropper pen (you can fill the whole barrel with ink). Tons of people have done it and there are tutorials everywhere, so I decided to get in on the fun! Goulet Pens sells the O-rings that fit the preppy. Then you just need some silicone grease.

 Filled it with Noodler's Heart of Darkness.

I'm either writing about the pen or what the TV is saying, so don't read anything into my mumblings. 

It seems to write much wetter now and almost acts like a larger nib than it used to. Maybe it's the pressure of the ink coming out more easily. Writes smoother now too, prob a byproduct of the plethora of ink coming from the nib. Very enjoyable. 
My guest bathroom kitchen is now inkville. 

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