Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shabby Dollhouse bedroom is off to a good start. Reupholstered a mini bench!

I painted and re-upholstered this bench that I bought from It was walnut and so inexpensive. The woman who runs the site is so sweet too. She and her husband both work full time as well, but plan on retiring into their miniature business. I wish them the best.
I made this quilt yesterday. The squares were supposed to be half inch, but I think my quarter inch sewing machine foot took a bit more off.

Experimenting with paper curtains. The cloth ones went awry. Some of this is just place-holder furniture. Going for a pink, brown, cream and white extravaganza.

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Ruth said...

The bedroom looks great. Can't believe you did the floor with tongue depressors - will have to grab a box next time the doc leaves me waiting for an hour in that pesky gown - lol!