Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dollhouse wallpaper, window trim and flooring: Things are looking up!

Got the wallpaper and trim on in Lolly's order: Crown molding first so it has primered wood to hang on to, wallpaper next (back wall first, leave an 8th inch bit on each side to go under the side wallpaper so you don't have a seam. Also leave a bit of space at the floor for baseboard to hang on to wood), then window trim.

Trim and window trim: a note on anything you’re doing mitered corners on (i.e. 45 degree angle cuts). They will not look perfect at first. Just try your best, glue them all in place and then add a dash of magic: Caulk. Yep, no jokes. A contractor friend suggested white caulk for all of the places the trim doesn’t meet the ceiling or windows or corners don’t meet up. It is a dream and has truly brought perfection to my crown molding and window trim.

I'm now putting a wood floor in the bedroom made of tongue depressors with the round bits cut off (cost me $5 for a box of 500 rather than $90 for 3 sheets of premade flooring). I'm not worrying too much about perfection. I will be white-washing the floor for a shabby chic look.

Tacky glue is really not working out for me. Everything I glue down comes back up within minutes, so I switched to super glue for everything (probably against some miniaturist code of ethics, but desperate times…).

BTW if you’re cutting wood with a Dremel just remember to keep the speed relatively high and let the tool do the work. If you push with your own strength to make it cut faster you could lose control and risk cutting something off of your body. Be careful and wear safety glasses! They look a bit nerdy, but much better than your new glass eye will.

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