Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brookhaven: Finished the dollhouse exterior - siding, milk paint, carriage lights

Oy! After finally getting all the siding on properly I painted the entire outside with milk paint. Very happy with the results! It's milky (as the name impies) and has no odor and no toxins. So nice to be able to sit in the living room and paint instead of hiding out in the garage slowly poisoning myself. The milk paint is $14 for a bag so I only bought a White and a Creme. The outside of my house is pink so I just mixed the white with a bit of red acrylic paint. It didn't mix that well, but it gave a less consistent look which I think is more interesting.

I turned the house upside-down and painted all of the ceilings with the Creme colored milk paint. It took 2 coats to cover the electrical wiring (which, btw, was a really easy process - don't be afraid of the electrical - once I got going I breezed through it in 2 hours and it all worked perfectly with the current tester).

I also painted all of my windows and the front door frame with White milk paint - you don't use a primer--just straight on --2 coats and you're done.

I got the carriage lights at FamilyRoomMiniatures.com. They are heavy brass - really high-quality feel, but were very reasonable priced.

The shingles were looking a bit tired, so I ran a thin coat of stain over them to warm up the look - I think it was a redwood color. Love it.

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